3d engine


We use and develop our own 3D engine with native support of DX 11.3+, UWP to be really fast on Hololens. Fata Morgana engine support AR and VR, MS MR and openXR, target is to be faster and more secure than general multiplaform 3D engines.

  • OpenXR support, MS MR, DirectX. Open GL is possible if required by target platform.
  • For trusted customers, source codes can be provided for security review and check, under NDA (in case of use in military or national critical infrastructure).
  • Fata Morgana and any derived apps on Hololens starting in under 2 seconds.
  • API and network protocol, capable of handling low latency data (external trackers, IoT), encrypted large data (meshes, textures, COD) and low latency streams (video, voice.
  • Servers can be operated in cloud using MS Azure or on-premises.